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Oh My God, Stacy just turned me on to this amazing place. First she sent me a card that had a pig on the cover and then I went to her website and saw that she requested donations be made to these guys. So I went and checked out their website and I'm in love. Please go check them out; for a vegetarian, animal-loving-maniac gal like me this is heaven.

"Gertrude was rescued from a battery cage egg farm. For most of her life she was forced to live in a small bare wire cage with four other hens. When she came to Farm Sanctuary, she was able, for the first time, to stretch her wings and look up at the sky, scratch in the dirt and feel the grass beneath her feet."

OMG look at this baby lamb. How can people eat them? It makes me sick.

As soon as I can afford it I'm going to sponsor a turkey. Every year around Thanksgiving I think I'll adopt one but we are so overburdened as it is, the last thing we need is a turkey so this would make a great alternative way to help, yeay. Thank you Stacy.

Farm Sanctuary

You know my Mom just told me that when I was a baby I would always throw up after she gave me my bottle. "You always threw up when you were a baby, every time you'd have your bottle. I'd just get the little bib and rub you, and bounce you up and down and then you'd throw up." I guess it never occured to her that I shouldn't have been drinking cow's milk, argh. Well, either that or all that rubbing and bouncing.

Okay, well I got through my entire file of ebay debts. Now it's on to the e-mail. My psychiatrist asked me to watch and see if I was able to get things done. Even though I feel really tense and weirdly sore, I'm getting things done. What could this mean, hmmmmm.

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