Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I want to complain about Polaroid cameras. I had this amazing one in the seventies that took the best, most fuckd up pictures. They were kind of plasticy and so cool. Now of course, even if I could find the camera, they wouldn't have the film.

When we were in Mexico there were lots of men on the beach, (men never women, hmmm), who wanted to take our picture for four dollars. The best pictures were the ones that came from the older Polaroid cameras with the bellows, just like the one ana mentioned, where you have to peel the film apart. How did they get them, let alone the film for them, when I can't find it anywhere?

Well, guess what? They can get the film in any pharmacy there. The Japanese can get the film, the Chinese can get the film, Vietnamese can get the film, but we can't. And why is that? Because those fuckers at Polaroid love to ship their old stuff across the border and sell it to other countries. They introduce new cameras here like new models of cars. They get us to buy them and then phase them out, making it impossible to get the film, so we'll have to buy the next model.

I can't even find any land cameras anymore, you know the better ones, in any store around here, including Best Buys. The only ones I can find now are the crappy plastic ones and the Joy cam and the little sticker cam. I love the Joy cam and the sticker cam but you just watch how soon it will be impossible to find the film for them. I actually called Polaroid and tried to get some of the different types of film I wanted, no luck.

What I really want is to get access to that huge Polaroid that took giant wall sized prints. I'm so jealous of anyone who got to work with it when I never did. There was a camera that came out a couple of years ago, and before I could even buy it, they phased it out. Do any of you guys remember what it was called? Imagine how pissed you'd be if you were one of the few people who bought it and then you couldn't get the film.

Okay I'll get off my orange crate here, I just had to rant a little. It's just that I hate that companies hold back technology and parcel it out in little bits so you'll buy this model and then next year have to buy that model, when they had all of those features ready to go at the same time. I hate that they make it impossible to use perfectly good products by phasing out the parts. How about how electronics and appliances are not being built to last anymore? It's so much cheaper and easier to get a new VCR, a new TV, or a new stereo, than to repair the one you have. My parents used to keep appliances for years and years, now we get new stuff all the time. I like shopping. I like new things. But I feel really manipulated by the greedy corporate fuckers who are gobbling up all of our money and then taking long vacations in Sardinia and Bali with it. Okay me done.

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