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Hi Journaly Paliwogs,

This is for fadey but it ends in a few minutes so I kind of doubt she'll see it. Wish me luck as I am super lame at this despite the concerted efforts of good friend beings : ) XOXOXO

I thought the title was pretty great and cerrtainly appropriate for the only slave girl I know. Just in case I can't figire out how to get the code for the pic to work or ebay dumps the image for some reason, the auction number is 335107745. Not that it's that great, it just made me think of fadey.

Last year at the Getty there was a great photo exhibit from their wonderful collection and the subject was harems. Really great. I've suddenly become interested in Morrocan and similar postcards. I like the women laying about with their opium pipes and things. Not exactly PC but they seem so unusual looking and the colors interest me. I used to hate anything wiht red, yellow or orange and only like pastels, especially blue, purple and green blended together. Now I'm into Indian saris and asian prints and red and green toiles. My kitchen is a kind of mix of forties fruit tablecloths and the family room is all in french red toiles and red and white check. Whatever, no whaaateeeevah, no you, no you, nooo you. Whatevah.

Beaus new playmate Ryan (see the party paid off)is over. He's an interesting kid. He's kind of thoughtful and gentle and then sort of hyperactive and energetic. I like him, I just have to learn how to understand and communicate with him better. He does really well when you touch him and talk very directly to him. he has attention deficit disorder, not to be disrespectful but who doesn't?

I'm so mad at all the people who bid against me on ebay. It's just not right. They should all just go away on a vacation.

Beau doesn't want to go to the toy store if it means he has to go wiht me to say hello to a horse first. God, I'm sure, like God I'm sure like God. Well that sucks, I just wanted to drive by these pretty houses in santa Monica where I know they have horses and just get out for a minute and hug them. Then I was going to take the kids to Toy's R Us. Kids suck sometimes. Sheesh.
Okay now I picked a zit on my forehead and it's bleeding, serious drag. My skin is better since I started taking these proactiv solution products but I keep losing one or another of them and they really need to be used all at once.

Aha! The children are surfin the net on the other line. Oh argh I guess I have to install netnanny on their computer. I ahte censorship and censorial things. I mean this is so farging overstated but why do they screen out sex and not violence, grrrrrrr. Okay me neding sleep very badly but feeling so compulsively greedy and shopaholicy. I think I need someone to come and pick me up and throw me in a fresh clean pond.

I moved a bird bath to the front yard and nestled it in between the roses and herbs, it looks realy pretty.

You can buy Papaver Somniferum seeds on ebay. I think you can buy and sell them, but not plant grow or use them. I've never tried it but I hear that the dried buds make a lovely tea. Opium, never tried it. Makes me think of The Razor's Edge.

What am I doing with my life. I want to have sex wiht large groups of people who love me and dont care that I'm fat. How do you make that happen?

love you guyz,

PS: The kids have changed their minds, mmmmm horse love, Equus, gonna gouge out some eyes ; )

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