Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I just posted this to the vegetarian community but there's no reason why I can't share it with you.

Oh maaan I'm so bummed, I like these little mini quiches that I get frozen at the market. There are three kinds in the box, I eat the spinach and cheese and egg and pepper ones and give the ones with bacon to my assistant/pal. She brought my dinner up to me in my office tonight and accidentally gave me the bacon ones and I ate one before realizing that it had bacon. I hate when that happens, it's so upsetting. I love animals so much, and especially pigs because they are sooo sensitive and to think I ate part of one is really upsetting. Grrr.

So how are you guys? I joined a while ago but it took my slow brain a bit longer to figure out that I could switch over to this journal form my client that I downloaded, sheesh.

I'll come by later and see what everyone else has written. I have to add you to my friends list too.

I'm having trouble typing because one of my pet ratties bit me by mistake a couple of days ago. She didn't mean it, she's really frightened and always grabs for the treats and turns to run, my finger was equidistant to her mouth form the piece of food, so she grabbed my finger and pulled to run and ripped my finger instead with her sharp little ratty teeth, yeeee.

I've been totally vegan before and would like to get there again. I feel like such a selfish wuss for still eating dairy but I try to buy from responsible places and I don't drink milk or eat eggs straight cause it freaks me out to much. I do eat things made with them. I stopped drinking milk after I breastfed my son, it was so clear to me that cow milk is for cows not baby humans, but I haven't completely given up ice cream and yoghurt. With eggs they always kind of freaked me out but I stopped eating them after we got our own chickens and then it was just way too intimate of a thing for me, I mean I just couldn't eat something that came out of my friend chickens bodies.

I have so much to share with you guys on this but I have to go. I'll be back later I hope.

Big huge hugs to my fellow vegetarian livejournalers.

I think I would probably love every one of you : )


PS: Hi anawee thanks for calling!

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