Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Some Golden Globe questions for ya; What was up with Kim Cattral? Her face was so red, it looked like a chemical peel and her left eye kind of stuck. Also did Meg Ryan and Russel Crowe break up, and if so, how sad? And didn't Benjamin Bratt look kind of cold and detached towards Julia Roberts? And do you think Robert Downey Junior and Calista Flockhart are dating? And wasn't Joan's joke about her yeast infection gross? And too bad that Rene didn't think to reference Christine Lahti somehow when she came out of the bathroom. And did you guys notice that the camera kind of went down low as if it was looking for her under her table when Hugh Grant said she was drunk? And how about Elizabeth Taylor?

Segue to; I'm nuts about Steiff animals. If you ever want to make me squeal with joy, buy me a mohair Steiff animal. Well, that or a Mobley squeaky cat, or a lenticular thing or something from Tiffanys or Barneys or ummm, something cool and vintage that you picked up at an estate sale or an antique mall or a garage sale : ) or a book with lots of pictures of underwater things like the one set in Tahiti by David Doubilet, or a box of macaroons or pears from Harry and David or a pomegranite tree or plan a surprise trip and take me away somewhere or offer to tickle and rub my feet for a whole hour, or arrange for us to somehow watch another couple make love. You know, just in case you might be my boyfriend and wondering what to do for me for Valentines Day.

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