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You know, some time ago I went to a site that specializes in showing nude shots of people's exes. I have naked pictures of both my ex and the woman he cheated on me with. (he cheated with a lot of women but this is the only one I have naked shots of, one really disgusting one in particular). I had to think long and hard (definitely not referring to him here) about whether I wanted to do it or not, and in the end decided against it because after all I do still love him, and it's a pretty mean thing to do to someone. It doesn't exactly fit my notion of karmic decency or golden rule behavior. I would be devastated if someone did that to me, and even if it weren't an ex lover, which would be so hurtful, as an actor there are enough sketchy images of me floating around out there now to make it pretty easy for the universe to even the scales of karmic justice one me. (A particularly brave Rolling Stones video audition comes to mind here.) I mean I had to get really pissed to get over being in love with him, but I do still care for him and wouldn't want to see him suffer too much. Okay well, I'm still working on the forgiveness part, but I just can't stoop that low.

I've mentioned this before, but God how I longed to send out Christmas cards to all of our family and friends of this selfish girl, the woman he was so cruel to us for, in her tacky bra and garter belt, with her leg hiked up on a table, her fingers spreading her puss wide, and a friendly little note saying, "Meet your new in-law." But of course I couldn't do anything like that, it was just a dream that got me through some really hard times.

I also fantasized about putting up a naked collage of my ex on the net somewhere. I've got pictures of him standing nude, holding a pizza box, and all kinds of bent over, crack shots, and close ups of his dick. Conversely he never took too many of me, huh, just one more clue I should have heeded long ago. Anyway I just bring this up because I posted something about all of this on that site, the ex photo site, and someone wrote to me saying that she was going to put up pics of her ex. Apparently she had busted him when she found video he had taped of himself with another gal. Revenge is an interesting thing, I was worried about a few pics, this gal has put up videos and everything. There's a part of me that is always suspicious and thinks it might be a scam of some sort, so here is a link to some of her pages and the clip of his "hairy ass." Tell me what you think, if it's a scam, what's in it for the person who's doing it, some hits? Maybe he's just some kind of exhibitionist who has a few sadomasochistic tendencies and wants people to say mean things to him, who knows. *Shrug*

a couple of naked pics and videos of some guy

This whole thing made me realize I need to create a live journal community to help me process some of this stuff, hmmmm, I'll go see what I can do about that. Be back later. I think we're going to see Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger. I'm worried I'll be bored. I bet it's beautiful though and I really like Ang Lee.

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