Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm having a grilled cheese sandwich and fruit loops with rice milk. I had tomato soap and a soy burger earlier. For breakfast I and oatmeal with a little rice milk and a banana and a frozen fruit and apple juice smoothie, and of course a whole lot of vitamins and things. I have pretty much converted to rice milk from cow milk, ice cream is starting to gross me out, cheese is next in line. I was vegan once but I gave in and started buying leather shoes and eating dairy products again. I wish I hadn't but hopefully I can get there again. I'd like to be a vegan who will occasionally allow herself something when she's out or at a party or something. I was too rigid and hard on myself before.

I joined a few more communities today. I'm thinking of starting one but want to figure out what the name should be. I'll let you know.

My goals for tonight are;
1.) To get through a substantial portion of my e-mail.
2.) Get any outstanding Ebay auctions paid off.
3.) Decide on and register my community.
4.) Begin the process of customizing my journal.
5.) Sign up for a page at Geocities so I can put up pics.
and if that's not enough then find my cams and hook them up, yeah right I'll be lucky if I get part of one and two done. See how perfectionistic and hard on myself I am?

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