Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Extreme frustration, okay well moderate frustration, grrrr. I just typed this nice long post and my undependable phone line caused my modem to disconnect or something like that. don't you hate that? Is ther a program i can run that will just save everything I'm typing while I type it and then have it there for me to find again when something like that occurs? What do you guys do? Do you type in this little box here, confident of your ability to spell things correctly and the dependability of the universe?

Okay here's a recap; birthday, son ten years old, me no sleep, too much late night radio, happy chat about possiboe ground and surrounding environmental contamination at Los alamos nuclear testing facility, nice fat radioactive plume of smoke falling over a neighborhood near you, unhunh, yup, won't worry about that one, new sparkly blue glitter lava lamp thing made pretty light/shadow display on ceiling, thirsty want cold aquafina, having to shake my leg to keep awake, must sleep now, krispy kreme doughnuts in kitchen do not call out my name, today we will put rocks in my garden, in tahiti there was this exhibition of paintings by an artist named loti? at the gaugin museum and I dind't get to see it but fell in love with the posters, I want t learn more about him, the new beanies are cute, especially the glowing bug and the eel and the lion and umm what else, well I just like them, mr. warner is a marketing genius, hate him for this, I want to be a cyber billionaire, how can I accomplish this? okay you guys mull that over for me and come up with a solution, you wish you hd as mnay cats as I do, I want to scan my boobs for the boobscan page, I save a pair for my wallpaper, they're pretty. okay i go now, bye bye and love from me to you


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