Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This is so fucking heartbreaking I can't believe it. IAM.COM just went under, I only just now found out. I just finally put my pictures, and my promo, and business card in an envelope, addressed it, and put it in my car to mail to IAM.com. I procrastinated about this for six months. It was one of the things I was feeling really good about myself for finally gettting done this week. God how depressing. I know things work out as they are meant to, I am really centered in knowing this, but I'm allowed to feel depressed for a good moment or two over this. Fuck!

Date: 1/22/01 5:41:11 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: memberhelp@iam.com (IAM.COM)
Reply-to: memberhelp@iam.com
To: cdelalune@aol.com (Jacqui Hyland)

Dear Jacqui,

Effective January 22, 2001, IAM.COM has suspended operations. IAM.COM will be
contacting you in the near future regarding a refund of your paid membership.
We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and to wish you
well on your journey to be seen and be heard by the entertainment industry.

The Team at IAM.COM, Inc.

Here's what the website says;

A note to the IAM.COM community, members and the trade.

"We want to thank each of you for making IAM.COM a reality. Our greatest joy has been to see the magic that is made when a performer is truly seen and heard by the entertainment industry. It has been our passion and our reason to be. While financial circumstances have made it necessary for IAM.COM to suspend its services at this time, we wish you all the very best.

We will be contacting our paying members in the near future to provide information about the refund of any membership fees.

To those actors, models, musicians and dancers who were kind enough to jump across the digital divide with us, we thank you. Hang on to your dreams. It has been our privilege to help you on your way."

I feel so sorry for all of their employees. People warned me about this but I didn't want to listen.

You know not only did they close, but my favorite flower store, The Woods, a really big deal flower store, they do a lot of the industry arrangements is closing. They lost their lease and don't have anywhere to go yet. I love The Woods. It's in this big old wooden hangar like structure, with big ceilings and wooden beams and huge glass windows. It represents holidays to me because you can always go in and it smells so pretty and is decorated for every season. It just feels good in there and I can always find something unique to give. I wonder what's going on. So much change around me. Could it be astrological, or something to do with the year of the snake? I hate to think of all of these people without jobs, etoys hanging on by a thread and God knows how many other companies that were so hopeful and young. What's going on?

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