Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh man am I gonna be in trouble

Hi Pals, I found some nice new people on live journal through the nice new people and the old nice people who posted comments.

I have to peeee so badly.

There is something fundamentally wrong wiht the fact that I ahve to go to therapy for my son and his rotten father's realtionship. I will do anything for my son but it just seems askew. Why is it that all the sane people are in therapy and all teh jerks in their lives, who are the ones who could really use the goddamned therapy are just blythely twiddling their ugly thumbs? I mean it isn't right that my mother gets to screw me up good and tasty while she sits at home doing crossword puzzles.

Stupid people suck, I hate them today. well I'll modify that to emotionally dull people. Yeah I ahte them, those guys.

I swear I will pee.


PS: The ebay villagers are going to storm my castle with torches if I dont deal with my mail soon!!!

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