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I've been kind of busy as usual. Haven't been able to get to you. I'm sorry. I love you guys!

I'm eating my breakfast of oatmeal with rice milk and a banana and a blended frozen fruit mixed with apple juice shake. Yum, and no guilt associated with eating anything derived from an animal, yeay!

My new cat Buki, (Charles Bukowski), the old man cat, the gorgeous scruffy Cornish Rex stud cat, who I recently adopted, came with some kind of sinus or upper respiratory infection. We've been fighting it with antibiotics and immune system boosting medicine. He seemed to get better but then he just sauntered off into the main part of the house, duked it out with the top cats and made himself at home.

I missed having him in my bedroom with me, but he seemed happier out there with the other kitties, so I let him stay. Saturday, Beau told Esther that Buki wasn't looking well, so she brought him to see me and I immediately took him to the vet. He was having a lot of trouble breathing through his nose. He was snuffle breathing and sneezing, and wasn't cleaning himself, poor little tough macho kitty guy.

I told the vet that I thought he might have pneumonia, needed a chest x-ray, some stronger antibiotics, and maybe needed to be put on oxygen for a little bit.The vet took the x-rays to make sure he didn't have pneumonia, which he didn't, gave him a big shot of antibiotics, and drew some blood to test for a possible fungal infection. He didn't think Buki was mouth breathing and didn't need oxygen. Ka-Ching five hundred dollars please! Grrrrr, expensive VCA and their ever revolving staff of intern veterinarian doctors.

The fungal infection thing came back negative, of course and Buki is mouth breathing. Poor little guy. I can't stand it when they're sick and uncomfortable. Cats are troupers when it comes to illness, they just soldier on about it. Sometimes they can be in terrible pain and they won't even let you know. Supposedly they have higher pain thresholds, but that's kind of anecdotal; I'm not about to rely on any evil pain tasting that some fucking animal researcher might have done to prove this theory, fuckers, I'm still really mad about the whole Harlan thing!

Anyway this morning Buki looked like he was feeling pretty rotten so I started up my steam shower and took him in. Doing something weird to a cat, like taking him into a steam shower, particularly because the steam makes a kind of hissing sound, can be pretty scary to a kitty, and I was worried about whether the stress of it might outweigh the benefit of getting some steam to his sinuses. I had to turn the steam off and on to minimize the whole hissy sound thing. Just when he seemed to be calming down a bit I felt this stream of water and looked up to see where it was coming from only to find out that it had been Buki who had peed from fear. Two things; most importantly, poor Buki and secondly, poor me. Buki has really strong smelling stinky-boy-cat pee. Oh God! Of course right after he peed he started purring, poor, poor little guy. I cleaned him up and wrapped him in a big towel, gave him a nice massage all over his nose and head and neck to kind of loosen anything up, and then he ate some cat food and drank some water. Next hurdle; the big antibiotic pill. To get a picture of what an average day looks like for me, multiply that by forty or so, and you'll get the picture. Okay, well they're not all sick at the same time, but I worry that they could be.

Now I have my beloved smaller animals (8 ratties, 2 ferrets,1 chinchilla) to feed and water and cages to clean. My little one eyed baby girl rat is doing better, yeay. I got an indignant letter back from the rat-whatever-she-is woman, who had the link to Harlan Biomedical Laboratories on her site, (God would I love to corner their CEO at a cocktail party), saying that she was only doing the average Midwest rat owner (I guess people are supposed to be stupid and not have access to quality pet food in the Midwest?) a favor by referring them to good quality lab block food for their rattie pals. She does have a point about the food quality issue, much as I loathe to admit it, but she certainly doesn't need to send people right into the heart of rat torture territory to do it. Bitch!

Sometimes when I allow myself the freedom to swear in my journal I worry I'll alienate journal friends who don't swear. I realize I have a lot of work to do before I can ever be my authentic self. I'm getting closer though. There are people here in Live Journal land making indie porn films, having single and multiple partnered sex on camera, talking about the various drugs they're taking and why they like them, and describing some pretty intimate things. Without meaning to judge any of them, blessings and respect for everyone's right to freely express, but I guess the occasional fuck or shit is relatively low on the scale of shocking. It's the Catholic school girl in me, being my mother's daughter, (yuck), and well, the person who likes to share her journal with a wide spectrum of people and doesn't want to alienate anyone.

I had some cool dreams, but Scott's on the phone now, and this has gone on long enough for your reading patience, so I'll let y'all go and come back later. Weeeeee.


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I tried to provide links to all of those places but evidently I suck when it comes to html. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Whenever I list links they all seem to run into one another and all of the text gets hilighted. In this case Live Journal wouldn't even put them up and then I think the last link, the one for anacam screwed up the comments link, argh.

My neighbor, my freaky weird grouchy neighbor, although I ahve quite a few of those, is screaming at another neighbors dog, "Quiet Shadow, be gquiet Shadow". Life, what a trip hunh?

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