Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

"What if Elizabeth Taylor ate her horse in National Velvet?"

"Mr. Handy, it would be a grave error if you insulted Elizabeth Taylor in my courtroom?"

You've gotta give it to the writers of Ally McBeal.

Hey, I think I may have solved my whole terrifying loan default dillema in one day. I have only one person to thank and this is for him.

Did I tell you guys that the reason the anonymous caller called in the cops on Robert Downey Junior, was to get even with him because he ordered hookers, but when they got there someone sent them away? The caller told the cops there were guns because he knew that would get them to go over there. I know this because my building is the place where he was hanging out that weekend. Poor guy.

Oh hell, I was just talking to my sweetheart when I heard my little rattie squeaking so I went to check on her and she is sick again, I'll omit the details for you here but I should get professional help. I have to go get changed and rush her to the doctor, damn. Oh boo, sadness.



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