Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Today I'm excited about the Mary Englebreit magazine editors doing a feature on my house and garden for the magazine, and my kitchen for the newsletter. Of course that means I have a lot of work to do, ack.

I'm also really sad and worried about my pet rat. I just don't know how I'm going to be able to make myself be her rat mama and clean her herniated colon every day for the rest of her life. God, just taking care of her today was heartbreakingly hard. She was squeaking and I don't know if I'm hurting her or helping her. Oh God. Anyway I called the vet and maybe he can support me through this. Boo.

Okay I'm off to look for some interesting cam people who might also have cool homes to suggest to my friend Sunday. I just had this idea that maybe shooting a cam person who also had a neat home might make an interesting feature for one of the magazines she works for. Do any of you guys know of anyone on the West Coast, preferably California, who might have an interesting place to shoot?

Gotta go.

Big hugs,

We have a verrry dull witted locksmith here right now and it's driving me crazy. Not only did I clearly and patiently explain everything to him, in Spanish no less, but I printed out a numerical list of the things that need to be done, in the order he needs to do them, but he still doesn't get it. With all of the animals we have here, we are very dependent on knobs and locks being in good working order. Every time we have the smallest of quakes all of the door frames fall out of alignment with the doors, and the cats, naughty little opportunists that they are, figure out how to push open the doors and get into places where they shouldn't be getting.

The guy will likely wander outside leaving the doors open and then all of our cats will be coyote food for supper. I asked Noemi to make me lunch, oh let's see, about two hours ago, but she's off wandering around in some stressed out short circuited daze. Now that Beau's home I thought ahh, I know, ask the little guy to help out, but I can't depend on him to keep an eye on the locksmith because he's freaking out over the three cats who got into his room that he thinks are going to pee on his stuff.

We had an electrician recently who spent three hours walking around with me and looking at everything I wanted to have done, only to end up being sick for two weeks and forgetting everything we talked about. I had already waited two weeks for the first guy, and then I had to wait two more for the privilege of going over everything again with someone else. They billed me for both visits.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, more and more I feel like I'm some cartoon character that I can't quite place, I remember he was like one of those Mad Mad World puppet figures, a little balding mad scientist I think, who in his frustration at some point, looks up to the sky and wheeling his head and arms around shrieks and shrieks. Oh and to really make things mellow and Zen-like, our alarm system is acting up, so at regular intervals we get this horrible incessant beeping noise that can only be shut off from the panel. I have to remind myself to hit a certain button twice before I go to sleep or the darn thing will take it upon itself to tell me that I've left a window open at 4:00 am. There doesn't seem to be a way to bypass it either. Great, another person I have to arrange to come by and fix something. I swear it's like a constant circus around here. Argh, argh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worry that I seem like a bourgeois shit, but I swear I get so sick of people being totally underqualified when it comes to communicating or doing the jobs they've been hired to do. I mean, do the owners of say, fast food restaurant franchises, not get how unbelievably stupid most of their employees are? Garbled, screwed-up drive through speakers, and the idiocy of the people operating them, is so common it's become a cliche. Every time they hand me the food I want to take an extra second to make sure they got the order right, but I worry the pissed off person in the car behind me, will rear end me for holding him up another five seconds.

When anyone tells you they'll call you right back do you believe them? Have you ever been put on hold for a nightmarishly long time only to end up getting hung up on somehow?

How about phone operators, do they all have to be so angry and hateful? I don't even go to the post office anymore because I don't feel like waiting in line for the privilege of being treated like crap by the miserable employees that work there. I'd rather pay a little extra and stand in line with the freaked out people at Mailboxes, Etc., who couldn't think to bring their packages any earlier than the last few seconds before the FedEx cut off time. When I went to give blood the other day at the Red Cross donation mobile, the women made faces, looked at their watches and rolled their eyes, like I was inconveniencing them and they were doing me a favor. Never mind, I told them, I'll just go ahead and keep this blood.

It'd be just like my mother to come by and honk for me right now when I'm feeling like this. I'm going to run away to the movies, or bury my head under a pillow, don't try to stop me.

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