Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

You guys I don't know how much longer this pic will stay up, but I wanted this Steiff kitty and bid on it and someone outbid me by so much it was scary. It sold for $363.99 and it's only 2 1/3 ". I had no idea there were people nuttier than I am out there. Wow! That's rent money for some people. My partner could rent a recording studio and maybe do something for his career with that money.

The other thing I collect are these Esther Hunt heads, well I say I collect them but I've never been able to buy one because they go for so much. These bids go up into the high fives and sixes (hundreds). Someone once told me that they think wealthy Microsoft engineers wives bid like crazy on ebay. Do you think that's true or an urban legend?

Grouchy Me
Even when I'm grouchy I'm still pretty nice

PS: I've got to go help Beau write a Valentine's Day poem for a contest at school. Oooh that's cheating. So, that's what all the other parents are doing, why should my son get left out, oh damnit, stop it conscience, stop it.

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