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God, I'm a sucker for romance. I just got back and sat down at the computer, turned on the TV and lucked out on In Style Celebrity Weddings. I just caught myself staring at the TV with this big smile on my face. I don't know if it's possible or true, but I so want to believe in the dream of it, the traditions, the little romantic gestures, it all seems so appealing to me. I'm pretty non conformist or rebellious about other things but with romance and weddings I'm pretty traditional. Bummer for Scott who once said he only married his last two wives because it was important to them. Oooh Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's centerpieces, ha ha, a piece of visual gossip from this super protected wedding.

I wanted to chat with you guys about Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise but thought better of it. Oh I don't know, I am so bothered by all the beard marriages and the lies in our business, and it's been on my mind, so maybe I will. I know it's none of my business, I know I should be angrier at the homophobes who make all of this subterfuge necessary, but once people become part of the mass consciousness, and you start to see so many images of them, it's hard to just let go of wondering about them and caring a little bit.

Everything I've ever heard about either of them is that they are lovely people who are generous, kind and approachable. I understand that as a team they were very devoted to each other. It may all be a big bunch of gossip but it is commonly accepted here that both Nicole and Tom are gay. Given that I hate that society makes it hard for actors who are gay or bisexual to work as romantic leads, I understand why people create these kind of convenient partnerships. It's the sham part of it, the part designed for public consumption and played out for the photographers that bothers me. He's so handsome with that megawatt smile, and she's so beautiful it's hard to believe she's real, they're both successful, both so in love for so long, beaming adoration at each other at every celebrity event, and all the while everyone I know who works in this business has some story about their being gay.

I saw them at a local theatre one night "double dating" with another couple. They all came in after it was dark, but it was pretty clear who the real couples were. Other than that I've heard the same stories you have, that he was once kept by David Geffen, and his ex wife, Mimi Rogers, has said that when they were married he wasn't sexual with her. As far as Nicole Kidman is concerned, she was a regular at a few of our local lesbian clubs, and was often seen picking up pretty girls and taking them home. Of course this is all second hand but I certainly believe my friend E. who used to see her all the time and would always tell me about it.

None of this means anything really. What do we know about their connection or their behavior together when they were alone? I hope they were happy, I'm sad for them and their children particularly. I just have trouble with the idea of their role playing adoration and sexual affection in public in order to boost their careers and box office clout, if that's what they were doing. Sham or beard marriages are an old solution to the sad fact that people can't seem to accept that actors are actors, and that whether they are gay or bi, or even asexual in their private lives, it simply doesn't bear any relation to their work.

I was so happy when Ellen came out, but then her show was canceled due to network cowardice, so where does that leave us? I wonder what would happen if Rosie introduced her significant other on her show one day, or George Clooney stopped "dating" beautiful models and took Kevin Spacey to the Golden Globes, or if Jodie Foster brought her girlfriend to the Oscars. I don't know about Oprah, but there's been lots of talk about Steadman being her beard, if that were true, wouldn't that be a miraculous healing event if she came out at three o'clock on national television some weekday? I guess all of this ruminating just adds more to the problem than any solution. Who knows, I might choose to do the exact same thing in their position, but I hope that I wouldn't because it's so misleading, and of course honesty and truth are always the best choice. Ellen may not have a hit sitcom anymore but she must feel good about being out and free and having done so much good for so many confused and hurting people.

Let me know what you guys think. I have to go because ART BELL IS BACK!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Let the weirdness begin.

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