Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oooh isn't this pretty? This water color by Esther Hunt, who I adore, went for very little on ebay recently. I wish I'd known about it but it went to someone who realllly loves Esther Hunt, so it couldn't have a better home. She was an American artist who favored paintings and little figural sculptures of children in traditional dress in Chinatown. She was born in 1875 and died in 1951. I think she was a lesbian and she was the lover of another interesting woman, whose name escapes me right now. ( I just had a root canal and a tooth pulled so I'm a bit foggy on Vicodin right now. I like Vicodin, woohoo.) Please go to this great website though, so you can learn about her and see her wonderful sculptures. Tom's Super Informative Esther Hunt Site

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