Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I have a gross hole in my mouth where my tooth used to be and I run my tongue over it and it freaks me out. I understand owies on the outside of the body, you get a scab and you're supposed to leave it alone till it dries off, but what the heck is going on in my mouth?

Oh no, Noemi just came in my office and says my favorite cat Niki is acting bad. She said he has a very bad cough, well he's had this forever, it's kind of chronic thing with him, plus he has a bad heart.

Oh it's okay, phew, she just hadn't seen him doing his weird stretchy giraffe neck cough thing yet.

There's this awful woman on ebay I bought a Steiff tiger from. She was pushy and rude and difficult right from the start and treated me like a seriously defective child. I feel so much anger towards her. I want to go over there and give her the meanest negative feedback, but that'll just prompt her to retaliate, and I know the best action to take would be to let it go.

Letting go is really hard for me. I have to think of the cheese book and remember that if I were a rat in a maze and the cheese keeps moving, even if I don't know where the next nice new fresh piece of cheese is coming from, I have to let go of the old cheese, or I'll never get the new cheese. Trust and surrender I guess. I was even afraid to write this here, because I have that little link at the end of all of my e-mail, so for all I know she could come over here and read this. I think she's too uptight and self absorbed to bother. Oh well. Anyway the thing that bothers me is that she sent a snide little note along with the tiger, and in it she insists that I contact her and let her know when I received the tiger. I guess I'll just send her a terse little reply. Ack and grrrr. I hate this stuff.

Do you think Scott would mind if I mentioned that he is a wonderful and tender lover?

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