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Hi Everybody,

I don't know what this gypsy horse postcard has to do with my visit to the gynecologist, hmmm, I'm thinking Equus, but it was pretty, so I thought you might like to grab it.

Remember the whole theory about my maybe having gained weight by having polycystic ovaries, which somehow cause glucose intolerance, so everything I eat gets turned to fat? Two strangers, completely out of the blue suggested I have this checked, so I set up the gynecological appt. and guess what? Cysts on my ovaries, or ovary. The doctor was an hour late and we had a lot to cover so by the end she was getting super backed up and was really stressed and couldn't answer questions. I think I'm going tot ake some kind of birth control pills to dissolve them hopefully and she'll let me know about my blood tests, pap smear and whether or not I have a uterine infection because I have pain and my IUD had been there for oh about six years too long.

Scotty took time off and was so loving and supportive, ( I followed Ana and Jason's lead in this) it really helped a lot. So I had a breast exam, got to play with the little gushy boob model so I could see what a lump could feel like, not to be insensitive but that was really helpful and cool. Hanging on to the squishy boob and playing with it while I lay there in this scary vulnerable position, trying not to feel all of these little pinchy cramping feelings deep inside me, was somehow comforting. Now I want my own squishy boob thing. It was nice being able to hold Scott's hand when I was scared. The Swedish nurse was funny too when she got my vein, she couldn't see it and just jabbed the needle in kind of blindly, she was just guessing, but it was a good guess, and the sound she made was so funny, kind of like a gleeful hee hee. I sung her that little bit from a song I always remember from Fanny and Alexander, that I never knew the meaning of, and she said it meant Easter is coming.

Well, here I am, IUD free, and one tooth less, and hanging in there. I didn't take a pain pill, thought I'd tough it out and save the few I have left for an emergency. It bothers me so much that we can't have access to meds because they worry we'll get addicted or sell them or party down baby.

Okay I've got to keep working away at this e-mail or we'll never get away to the new house in palm Springs this weekend. I'm taking Esther and her family and of course Beau. I love the new house, it's so much prettier than the old one, the difference between them is amazing. The old one was this embarrassing run down little fifties house, but with a wonderful central pool and garden area, and I really loved the community aspect of it, and the new house is like this Beverly Hills kind of house with big high ceilings and chandeliers and marble, on a golf course, but the people are older and the pool is a little farther out of the way. Oh who cares, this must be boring to read.

I'm loving that Art Bell is back, but I did get a little bit attached to Mike Segal, poor man. I hate how these decisions get made and then the people we become attached to get ripped away from us.

This picture is going for $169.50 on ebay right now. It's sweet though.

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