Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Everybody,

I'm in Palm Springs with Beau, my Mom and blech, her housekeeper, Rosa.

Esthre, Andrea and eduardo were here for the weekend but we all got the stomach flu and Beau and i had to stay down. I just don't feel like driving anywhere.

Sick or not I love it here. Not at Mother's house, which is really nice, but the desert, it's so beautiful.

There's this little lit up cross on the hill near our house that seems so hopeful and comforting somehow. Maybe it's my old Catholic roots, but I like it, someone cared enough, or had faith enough to put it there.

I used to ride horseback right where this picture of Cary grant was taken. I miss that. Now I worry I'm too heavy for the horses so I don't ride. I love horses so much. I love to put my arms around their necks and kiss them. I like how soft they are around their noses.

We've only been swimming once since we've been down here. We were bouncing around in the pool at night and thought we saw some kind of UFO over the mountains, it was a pretty strange light that kept appearing and disappearing and bopping all around.

I can't wait till I feel normal again. I miss my cats. Mom is coming in to hassle us about going to bed, argh, once a Mother always a Mother.



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