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I'm in such a good mood today. I guess I'm feeling hopeful despite my financial worries.

I've seen most of the Academy Award nominated films, with the exception of Traffic and the one about Cuban dissidents. Scott is going to come pick me up tonight and we'll go see traffic. I'll catch the other film this week.

I was reading an article in vanity fair about Bette Davis that was interesting. I never knew that she coined the term Oscar. She felt that the statuette had a fanny that looked like her ex-husband's, so she began calling it Oscar after him. Had you heard that?

It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles. The weather is perfect, sunny and warm but not too hot. I still wish I could come be with some of you in the snow. I miss the snow.

Today I'm going to clean my office. I let things pile up and then important things get buried under layers of clutter. the fun part of it is finding things I bought and forgot about. Beau and I had recently gone to this great aquarium in La Jolla (Scripps) and I just found a bag filled with stickers and a coupe of interesting books about sea creatures. I had forgotten that we bought Beau a big huge plastic blow up chair covered with fish. He's so happy to have found it. He's hauling it all over the house and sitting in it.

My cat Summer is in the room with me. I thought I'd give her some attention since she doesn't get along with any of the other kitties. She's a tortie Devon rex, a very emotional gal, just like me : )

I had all of the dogs groomed, (Spirit a black standard poodle, Puck a feisty Chihuahua and Pooka2 a Japanese Chin), and bought them new collars. My elderly rat is till hanging in there but she's sleeping a lot. I gave the ferrets and the rats and the chinchilla a peanut treat and the bunnies are hopping around the garden. I had a wonderful night with my partner last night. The kids are playing downstairs. All in all this is really sweet day.

I hope you're all doing well. I'll come by and browse your journals later tonight.

Big huge hugs from your pal,

PS: I am always looking for my Mother and Grandmother's dresses on eBay. I hit paydirt today and found two dresses, one of Mom's and one of Granny's. That never happens. It's so much fun when I enter their names in the search field and find some. It's like gambling in a way. I get so excited. They never cared too much about saving anything, they're both very pragmatic people. I on the other hand am sentimental and save everything. I've been collecting their dresses to put together a show and a book. My grandmother started the fashion business in Los Angeles. She had the first factory here.

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