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This is my horoscope from my favorite astrologer. My always clued in friends Susan and Scott introduced me to him. He's kind of wacky and acerbic but I so trust his work. He's always been dead on accurate for me. I forget to call or check the website but whenever I'm feeling particularly needful of advice or reassurance I do, and there it is, just what I was needing to hear. He might be particularly good at Aries because he is one. I hope you catch this anawee.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Week of March 15, 2001

Listen up, my beautiful, mixed-up friend, and listen good. And please don't react until you hear the whole story. The conflagration will soon climax, which means your future is rosy. I predict you'll entertain that little apocalypse in your heart for maybe another 100 hours, and then it'll extinguish itself in a twinkly burp, leaving you empty and scoured and almost ready to be reborn. Then, at the moment when you have achieved a tender, relaxed objectivity (not a cold, sterile objectivity), you will resurrect into a fresh-faced warrior who will permanently shift the balance of power between good and evil in the direction of the good.

Here is what I was able to speedily transcribe off the expanded audio horoscope, it isn't exact but it's close;

In the Cinderella analogy everything turns back into what it was before the ball, except for one thing, the glass slippers, they remained intact, she was able to keep one of them, and the prince was able to retrieve the other. They were the most valuable items of all. They were the keys to her due destiny, her future life.

The glass slippers are the key to discovering the mystery woman's true identity

You are in a blue funk. This mood you are in resembles Cinderella's post midnight deflation. You are wondering if that marvelous breakthrough you just had was all just a dream, or if it was real life and not just a dream, was it just a horrible tease, a gift they flew in front of you and snatched back like a sadistic game?

Take heart Aries, there's more to your story coming. It may take a while for it to emerge but it will. You still have your own personal equivalent of the glass slipper, and the other one is still out there waiting to be discovered. This opportunity will take place no later than the second week of April

What should you do in the meantime? Well, in the short run you can do what the Japanese do. In Japan Sodai Gomi means big garbage day. Once a month they throw away all of the trash and things that are no longer valuable, they throw away heaps of stuff they no longer have any use for. I'm suggesting that you stage your own personal version, a big, big garbage day, the biggest garbage day of the year, maybe of the decade. I want you to dump everything that reminds you of histories you are tired of repeating. That's what you can do while waiting for the other glass slipper.

To listen to Rob Brezsny's expanded audio horoscope, which explores your destiny for the week in greater depth, call 1-900-903-2500. The cost is $1.99 per minute. The website is freewillastrology.com.

I so hope this turns out to be true. I don't think I can stand the stress another day.

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