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Hi Everybody,

This is my new dog. I am the temporary owner/caretaker of an abandoned pit bull. She's sooo pretty and just about the last thing I need to deal with right now. Beau had left his homework at school last night and was really a wreck about it so I made myself get up early to take him to school. (I can't take him to school in the mornings because I'm up all night with my funky bladder - Interstitial Cystitis, had it since college, blech.) I dragged myself into his classroom, ready to crush his teacher for stressing the kids out so much, that my son was freaking out over a simple mistake that all of us have made. It turned out that she was fine with it and told me that the kid who sits next to Beau, the one who gives him such a hard time about not bringing in his homework, is the worst about bringing in his. She said it amazes her that he is so mean to other kids when they don't bring in their work. Isn't that always the way?

Poor Beau, he was so afraid the kids would yell at him. Apparently they have a kind of group incentive to get their homework done, because they get points for completing things and then earn some little toy or candy thing. If he ever forgets a paper at home or neglects to complete something he says the kids yell at him at lunchtime. I hate kids sometimes, well, not kids really, but bad parents, whose kids turn out to be mean to other kids. Oh crap that's an unfair judgment because who really knows if I'm a good parent or not. I try to be. I just hate to see my little guy so afraid and worried about what someone else will say or think.

I want a little girl just like this, well not really, any little girl would do, especially a little girl from an orphanage in China or someone who needs a home here.

Okay back to my dog story; so I was coming back from taking Beau to school. I was driving along Sunset which if you don't know it, is one of the busiest boulevards in the world. It's basically not the kind of street you want to see a frightened, abandoned dog running around on. I spotted her just jogging along the sidewalk at first and I just knew from the look of her that she was terrified and trying to find her way home. Although whoever had her obviously didn't give a damn, and probably dumped her, because she didn't have a collar and she's really dirty and has scabs on her neck.

She is all white with pink around her eyes and on her nose and pale beige and grey spots. I'm guessing a pit-bull and Dalmatian mix. I followed her in my car and would stop and get out and try to call her to come to me but she was too frightened. She was so fast and I was scaring her so I tried to hang back. She would rush out in front of cars and cross busy intersections, it was awful. When I got her into my neighborhood I thought I might have a chance because thankfully it's calm and the streets are all kind of blacked off on the ends. It took forever but finally with the help of a woman who was once my enemy because her dogs killed my cat and she wasn't very kind about it, we were able to catch her. I don't know how we pulled it off. It really feels like a miracle.

Okay in honor of my Live Journal friend Cheryl, (because I promised her in a post and well, because I'm sure she knows the value of a photograph, even one of a dog with her paws and tail cut off), I am going to put her picture up so you can see her. My pal Noemi took the picture I just tried to clean it up a bit. Actually I think I'm lucky whenever I get to help someone out. I see it as a kind of karmic job. Whatever crosses my path gets helped out. See I know I definitely need to work on my boundaries but with animals I have to help. She was so desperate and scared and she either would have wound up being hit by a car or captured by animal control and pit bulls don't have the best chance of being adopted out of the shelters. Oh God, wish me luck, she already tried to eat my bunnies and my dogs are dying to get at her.

Almost eaten bunny.

My financial worries seem to be on the right track but I won't know for certain until I get the appraisal and a definite commitment. It looks good though. Uh oh, she's barking and the neighbors are super sensitive about barking, boo.

It's almost one and I haven't eaten anything yet. I'm not allowed to, but I swear my hand keeps darting over to the peanut jar of it's own accord. I have to go get my blood drawn and an ultrasound. I rescheduled it from the other day. They're going to look at my hernias and my gallbladder and my liver, fun, fun, fun.


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