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You Guys? Now that I've kind of sort of started to change my journal around by copying other people's whose journals are pretty, can you tell me how I can modify it a bit. Here's what i remember that you've said, correct me if I'm wrong; I need to save the current journal as a style and name it. Then can I work with that version by just kind of inserting things here and there? For example I want to change the font for my name in the header, would I just insert a different code for that? I'm looking for the font that looks like bamboo or something Asian, any ideas? Is there a font browsing place somewhere on line that you recommend?

You know what I wish? Well aside form world peace and health wealth and happiness for everyone? I wish Live Journal included that little subject heading thing in my client so I could title the entries that don;t ahve pictures from here. I think there might be a newer version maybe it's already been included.

Okay me go. I have been waiting for the roofer guy who never showed, grrr. I'm going to take my new dog friend to be bathed and then i go to the bank, which I ahte doing, and then I have to go to the drug store to get medications. Boring mundane icky errands. I'd rather be here playing with you. I am so agoraphobic these days.

Oh and just in case anyone wants to help lift my lonely bird feelings on my birthday, you can always send me a birthday card, which would really make my day, especially if you include a picture of yourself, I would so love that.

Jacqui's birhday is March 29th, next Thursday I think;
Jacqui Hyland
11718 Barrington Court
Los Angeles, CA 90049


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