Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Ready for the Academy Awards?

I have two movies to go but I promised Scott I would see Chocolat with him, argh, I've already seen it, and I've been too tired all day to see Shadow of the Vampire or Quills, maybe I can talk him into a late night Quills following Chocolat.

There's an anonymous poster picking on another Live Journaler that is pissing me off so much. I hate the anonymous abuser posters, they're so cowardly, especially when they critique people's journals without having one themselves. it's so much easier to attack people from behind the mask of anonymity, geek, shit monkey. I never know why people leave that feature in their journals. I want to spank this little kid so badly. He called me a grandma, stupid little prat. He said, Shut the fuck up, to me and then went on and on whining about how my language would make his mother's ears burn with shame when I clobbered him back. Kids, what're you gonna do hunh?


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