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Hey Look You Guys, Another one of my grandmother's dresses. I've been hitting the jackpot on eBay this week. I went through a really long dry spell with the only dresses I found, not exactly being her best. Then three winners in a row, yeay.

I want so badly to put up all my Oscar picks but I'm just too tired to finish this tonight. I don't know if I'll get it done in time tomorrow to put up here. I love the Oscars. I am so slavishly devoted to it. I used to have parties every year with a ballot and prizes. I'll just give you an incomplete working prediction list for now and add in the other nominations tomorrow if I get the time.

I'm glad that I got to see most of the films though. We saw Chocolat tonight (I'd seen it before, it was even better the second time) then had dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, and then went right next door and saw Quills. Geoffrey (sp?) Rush was really inspiring, terrific, brave, committed work. I'm so glad I got to see it before the show. I like to see as many of the nominated films as possible, because it's so much more fun that way.

I'm really having a hard time picking the winners. I try to do two lists, the one's I think will win and then one's I want to win.

I loved Javier Bardem, but Russel Crowe was so strong and sexy, and totally broke out with Gladiator, Tom Hanks is as I've said before, a journeyman actor who everyone loves, and you have to give it to him for keeping our attention for over an hour when he was the only person on screen, but he's already won twice. Then there's Geoffrey Rush who plays this unlikeable character, writes with his blood and shit, and makes him sympathetic to the point that you wind up rooting for him, and Ed Harris who is such a good actor and is definitely due for a nod. I'm thinking this might be the upset category but if I go with the majority it's leaning towards Russell Crowe.

I missed Requiem for A Dream so can't comment on Ellyn Burstyn, although I'm sure she was wonderful as always. Juliette Binoche was soooo lovely and strong in Chocolat. Joan Allen and Laura Linney were both solid as well but it's just got to be Julia Roberts who made that film.

Best Picture is also a hard one. I loved Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and chocolat, those were my two favorites of the group, but everyone is saying Gladiator will win. It's been awhile since I saw it. Can't make my mind up on this one. I wasn't as big a fan of Traffic as other people were and Erin Brokovich feels so far away. You know what? As much as I loved Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I thought Chocolate was a perfect movie so I'm going to go for Chocolat even though I don't think it will win. I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow before the awards.

For Best Director I'm torn between Ang Lee and Ridley Scott. I think people might think being nominated in two categories is enough for Stephen Soderbergh. I guess I'll go with Ang Lee.

Best Supporting Actor seems like a lock for Benicio del Toro. I missed Shadow of The Vampire, I would so much rather see the Oscar go to William Dafoe though

Best Supporting Actress seems like the category with the most deserving contenders. Judi Dench was sooo good. She was beautiful, made you love her despite her character's gruff unpolished edges. Who doesn't love Frances McDormand and she was so true to her character. I totally believed her in the scenes on the telephone and with her son. I love her but I don;t think she'll win for it. Marcia Gay Harden was the soul of Pollock. She was terrific, truly, and Julie Walters though good didn't do it for me. Kate Hudson though lit up the screen and shone like this precious bedazzling jewel. I had spotted her in this funny little roadish kind of movie and she just had it, this charismatic presence so while I think Judi Dench and Marcia Gay Harden deserve it, I think it will go to Kate Hudson.

Best Original screenplay is rumored to be going to You Can Count On me. I didn't read any of these, saw them, but didn't read them. I want to go with Almost famous and Billy Elliot was certainly charming nutty I guess I'll go with the crowd and predict You Can Count On me. I loved that Matthew Broderick played this unlikeable little shit. It was a good movie.

Best Adapted Screenplay, well, my favorite movie here was Wonder Boys. I can't believe more people didn't see it. I loved it! Definitely in my top three of the year. Since it was robbed of the attention it deserved, even with it's second release, (and here's where Frances McDormand really should have been given her Oscar nomination) I'm just going to put my hope behind it here, whether I think anyone else will or not.

Wouldn't it be bizarre if crouching Tiger won both the foreign film and the Best Picture. I'm wondering if it's nomination here will scotch it's chances of a best picture because if I had a ballot in my hand I'd think, well, let's see I can essentially give the Oscar to this movie here, and then save my Best Picture vote for Traffic or Gladiator.

Best Cinematography - Hands down Peter Pau Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. God what a beautiful film. I'm pretty certain I will forever hold the image, of the fight on the tips of the trees in the bamboo forest, in my mind.
Although the sudden flood in O Brother was pretty terrific too.

Okay I'm definitely fading here so hopefully I'll get some sleep and come catch up with you tomorrow.

Who are your pics?


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