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I'm watching Politically Incorrect. Wow everyone's making out. How strange. Bill Mahr is saying please and reminding everyone that they're live. Sean Young is so bizarre, I think she's on weird drugs, she's so draped over this sofa, can't even sit up. Lisa Ann Walter, this comedian gal said, "Shut your stupid crazy mouth," to Sean Young. I bet there are a lot of people who have wanted to say that.

Clice Barker is gay. I hate his movies, and I am totally turned on by him. Who knew?

Sean tried to tell this funny phrase and Bill had to finish it up for her, "Honey as long as I have a face, you've got a place sit on." This is really exciting, I like this show, although it was upsetting that BM was so shitty to Harry Knowles who I really like.

"Sean would you loosen up."

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