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I'm so frustrated I'm trying to post on Brendan's journal but my posts keep getting sucked up into the ether. I wanted to say hi to sierrablue and sandelina too, and then go see my buddies journals and say hi to all of them. I guess I'll just go read and not be able to comment.

This should serve as motivation for me to install my DSL modem tomorrow. I'm already paying for DSL.

Ya know, when I don't get sleep, and I run myself down, my fibromyalgia really acts up and I find myself hurting everywhere. I like to pretend that I don't have anything wrong with me, that I'm prefectly healthy and everything's fine, but when I feel like this I really have to accept that I do have some health challenges and need to take better care of myself.

I've been thinking about calling our new doggy Madeleine, she's so sweet. I can't believe little Pooka2 thinks he's going to get some of that doggy action. It was so hysterical. Here's this big, thick, muscley dog-girl, who bust out of her kennel, and pushed open a closed garage door with her head, and this little fluffy dog was actually intimidating her. Women, sheesh, she could take him with one paw tied behind her back, but as soon as he started to growl she rolled right over.

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