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Hey Everybody,

How are you? I got up really late today. I figured well, it's my birthday so I can sleep as late as I want. I just made this picture and I think I'm going to color my hair and walk the new rescue doggy, we've been calling her Madeleine or Cookie but I don't know if I like either of those names.

I haven't checked my comments or my e-mail or anything yet. I had a late breakfast and forced myself to take this new pill that I'm afraid of, glucophage. I don't want to accept the fact that I need to take it. It's insulin and that seems really scary to me : ( Sigh. So far I feel really weird, the idea of eating seems kind of sickening to me, maybe that's the point. Apparently having all of these cysts for God knows how long made me insulin resistant which makes me hungry and turns everything I eat into fat.

I've been afraid to tell you guys that I gave Pooka2 away. It was soooo hard to do. I loved him so much, which is why I did it. Ana and MAW tried to help me, which was so nice. (I owe MAW a call but I couldn't call him while I was having financial problems because he's so nice he just might have helped me and I didn't want to take advantage of him so I purposely stayed away, now that things are okay, he'll know I am his friend for real reasons and not for his generosity, Hi MAW.) I gave him to my friend and gardener Tom. Tom is so happy and so is Pooka, they love each other. He is going to get soo much more attention with them. He will be with Mrs. Tom during the day and Tom at night.

These people are so loving and kind, they are nuts about dogs. Their last dog died of old age and they were so devastated they swore they'd never get another. I knew this was the right place for Pooka but I'm sad about it. Puck is going to go with Esther this weekend. That will leave Spirit and the crazy wild rescue girlie dog. It was so hard for me to make this decision, I feel so sad about it now. I am not a person who has a Pooka anymore. I miss him so much already.

Well I should get going I'll come back and chat with you guys later. I feel so weird.

My Mom sent me a beautiful basket of roses. Esther and Noemi went to the market and bought me a cake. I'm going to go to my PO Box and see if I got any mail. I have been saving everything I bought on Ebay so it would feel like I was opening presents on my birthday. I cancelled my party because I knew I couldn't afford it.

I have no desire to eat this cake, weird.

Big loving hugs,

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