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Oooh I want this one, look at those anklets.

Well, my walk lasted an hour which was good. I talked with a neighbor and that stopped us for a bit and then later there was a Latin man on his way home from work who tried to pick up on me, he actually asked for my number, but at least I got some exercise and the puppy got out of the yard for a while. She's so sweet but one bad habit she has, which is kind of cute, is that she wants to kiss me so she just suddenly jumps up to my lips but she's really big and getting head butted in the mouth can be jarring. So sweet though cause she means to be affectionate. Cute little dog. I'll have to take some more pictures for you.

Tom and Mrs. Tom are so happy with Pooka. I'll visit them soon and be able to see for myself. They're going to keep taking him to the same groomer as we use and she will be happy because she loved Pooka. She doesn't;t love the new dog because she's part pit bull. Poor pit bulls they have such a bad rap.

I am finding that sweet foods don't hold the same appeal for me, which will be incredible for me, if this keeps up. I don't like the way I feel when I eat sugary things anymore. Maybe I will like this Glucophage medicine. I called my gynecologist to get the birth control pills and something else but she won't be back until Monday, argh.

I miss my Scott but he doesn't want to play with me tonight. We saw each other last night and he is usually pretty tired on Fridays and hardly ever gets time to just chill out at home because he works so much.

I'm taking the gals out to a movie. We're going to see the Ashley Judd movie, (it seems like yesterday when I first noticed her in that little Indie film she did) I read the book it's based on which had a completely different title. Men are bulls, women are cows, bulls never want the same cow twice or why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free. That's the premise.

Mom is in a really bad mood. I agreed to go see that Abba thing on Sunday to give her something to look forward to, Beau is going to come with us. It won't be too miserable. I actually like Abba because Art Bell plays it as bumper music and there is the sweetest family who we always hang out with at Burning Man and the mother is Australian so she blasts Abba and people freak out. It's so funny, "Please, please, stop you're making my ears bleed!!!"

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