Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Cats, Drums and Adam Sandler

Hi Buddies,

Oh Man, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt, (do you ever get that feeling where words juts look weird the way thy're spelled, somehow dreamt sounds like it needs a p in there somewhere), that I was sitting on this piano bench with Adam Sandler. He was playing the piano and singing to me from this really bad Italian opera. I was kind of embarrassed for him but I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I was sort of going along with it and trying to smile politely and be encouraging. Then he stopped playing and turned to me and was fumbling around with some things in his hands and to my shock and horror I realized he was about to propose. He was being so serious and emotional about the whole thing. First he gave me this beautiful bracelet with diamonds from Tiffany's, then he gave me earrings and a necklace I think. It was weird because the bracelet was like a watch in a way, it was platinum and cuff like and had this beautiful swirly design made out of diamonds in the center and I was wondering why it was so big and then I realized it was meant to be worn as a necklace. He dropped the ring box on the floor and was making this big show of how he was going to have to get down and find it but I think that was just an excuse to get down on one knee and propose formally. Yikes. I'm sure he's a pretty decent guy in real life but in the dream he was scary. Of course he assumed I would jump at the chance and I was too afraid to hurt his feelings so I let him go on thinking I would marry him. Then later we were on some kind of variety game show and it all turned out to be some kind of trick and he just wanted me to be his fiance and not his wife so I was relieved. Weird.

You know I've never had anyone propose to me. I always wanted it to happen but it never did, well not by anyone I loved. there was this one crazy man in Paris who sent me love notes round the clock and a BMW that my mother made me give back, damnit ; ) I met him in a postcard shop at The Intercontinental hotel and we had a drink I think, he told me all about his career as a photojournalist for LIFE magazine. He was thrilling to talk to but I didn't know how off he was. I was there with my mother and barely eighteen. He got it into his head that I was some sort of future princess bride for him and that my mother was holding me prisoner in the hotel castle. His best friends were the Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein and he called them and told them that his girlfriend who he wanted to marry was being held captive by her mother in Paris and that he was going to help me escape and could we come there to be married and they said yes. So he sent me their information and a map and bunches of flowers and love notes, along with the BMW. It was so sad. My heart went out to him. The concierge and the men at the desk of course were incensed and called the police on him.

We have a lot of drums and musical instruments floating around the house. I can't think of the name of my favorite drum, well actually that one is my second favorite, my favorite is this ocean drum that has lots and lots of little round sliver beebees in it and you slide them from side to side and they make the most beautiful rush of sound, just like the waves on the shore, but the other drum, the one we bought for Burning Man is downstairs and whenever Beau gets impatient, because we've promised to go downstairs and do something with him but we're taking too long, he starts to have a drum festival. It's so funny, it reminds me of restless natives waiting to boil the 1930s couple in the khaki outfits who are tied together.

I have these two really great black kitties. They are half Siamese and half sphynx and are just so sexy and muscle and big. I love these guys. One of them is brave and the other is cowardly. When I came out of my bathroom this morning they were gathered together with some other cat pals, along the side of my bed. All the little kitty heads swiveled in unison to look at me and then they all swiveled back. I couldn't figure out what everyone was looking at, my best guess is that they were watching the hula girl hanging bead curtain thing move in the breeze. But the funny thing was what the shyer kitty (who is always afraid of everything, including me), did when he saw me walking towards him. He made a mad dash for my bed and ducked his head and shoulders under there. As if I could see his big black butt and tail sticking right out form under the bed. He was just like an ostrich with his head in the sand. So I looked down and said, "Mo? Do you think I can't see you sticking out from under there, honey?" So then ever so slowly, we're talking snail-like speed here, he pulled the rest of his body and tail under the bed. I don't know, maybe you had to be there, but it was the funniest thing, and there sat his brother staring straight up at me with this sort of resigned expression as if he would say, "Don't ask me, I can't do a thing with him."

Their Mom is a beautiful, slinky, purebred Siamese, who is the coolest cat. She's amazing, she's like the house mother around here and will nurse, clean, suckle, and rescue anyone's kittens. When our sly little kitty Spooky got pregnant, in an accidental moment of rash and hasty love with her handsome grey brother, the dashing Kit-Kat, I wasn't sure it would work out too well. She's young and younger cats don't always make the best mamas. But Precious, (I didn't name her), midwifed her through the entire birth. She licked her face while she panted away in kitty labor. Then she gathered up all of the kittens, because Spooky was a wee bit freaked and just kind of ran around having them and leaving them wherever they dropped, and put them together in one cozy spot, cleaned them all up and then cleaned up Spooky. Now they are team parenting the kittens. If Spooky wants to run around a bit and take a break, Precious steps in and cuddles and cleans the kittens. She's done this a few times now and is just the best cat.

Ahhhh the drums are calling me...I have to go save the cute, old, black and white, Preston-Sturgess-Movie couple from their fate, probably Carol Lombard and someone.

Gonna go see a Dinosaur movie today, not exactly looking forward to it.


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