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Okay that's it, I'm going to order pizza and take a bath. I can't believe there's a Cocaine community journal. I thought it would be about recovery. Maybe I'm just getting old, damnit it, but been there done that, you know what I mean, sheesh.

I love my little boy so much. I have a vintage school blackboard for a headboard and every once in a while he'll write something on it. I just found, "Cats make there eyes tiney when there happy and big wen there sad." He was just observing that and wanted to write it down for me, so sweet.

I so have to pee, ouuuuuuch. I hate having Interstitial Cystitis! It's like having chronic cystitis, only the pain is so much deeper. Anyone want to shoulder this one for me for a few days? No, maybe not, cause then it would be so horrible to have to take it back again.

Uh oh, I hate when all the neighborhood dogs howl like that. The last time I heard that specific kind of howling, we had an earthquake about ten minutes later. Ambulances will do it too so maybe I just missed the sound of one.

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