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I have a cold, a really rotten fluey kind of cold. I feel so sick and blechy but I'm happy because so much of the stress of the last few months is off me, for a while at least.

I finally made an appointment to see a divorce lawyer and met with her today. She seems nice, competent, like someone who really understands how to deal with guys like my ex. I like her curly hair, these things are important to gals like me, gals with thin straight hair, who have boyfriends who drool over Pre-Raphaelite cascades of Goddess curls. The funny thing is that every time I meet anyone with that kind of hair, the gorgeous squishy curly kind, they tell me that they've hated it all their lives and wished they had hair like mine. Isn't that just the way it always is?

Anyway, Amy, my new attorney, is also a single Mother with a son about Beau's age. I consider myself a single Mother because Robby does next to nothing to help. It's so sad and hurtful and if you ask him he's this innocent victim who really wants to be a good father, even though he contributes nothing, rarely sees his son and doesn't offer to help in any way. He's like Woody Allen in that if you asked him any kind of important information about Beau's life, he wouldn't have an answer. He doesn't know who Beau's friends are, or the name of his teacher, this year's or last year's, he doesn't even know whether Beau has been to the doctor or the dentist or not. It felt good to get this thing finally rolling considering I filed for divorce two years ago. It also felt good to not feel any kind of emotional pain over this, it lets me know how much better I'm doing, and that time really does heal.

After the divorce lawyer gal, I forced myself to go by the vet hospital to pick up some medicine for Tick. I'm so woozy and sneezy and every time I sneeze I pee so being out in the world isn't the best plan for me right now. I met a cute skinny blonde German woman at the vet and wound up visiting with her for about an hour because she had a Weimerainer and I love them so much. Then I went and had some pizza and came home.

Beau is playing Row Row Row Your Boat to me right now on my guitar, Scott taught him : ) Beau is off for Spring Break for a week. I wish we were going somewhere like last year or the year before but I'm too sick anyway. I have to go out again in a second to go pick up his friend Shayan. I told Beau I wouldn't do it unless he brushed his teeth, he never wants to brush his teeth. He came back in the office and told me that he had done it and that he couldn't believe he had used, "that yucky toilet water." I didn't know what he was talking about until he reminded me that there's an ad on TV right now, it's this political opponent bashing thing where one candidate says that another wants to reclaim toilet water or brown water, yeesh, and add it back into our drinking water. Poor Beau, he doesn't know that everything he hears on television isn't true. No wonder he didn't want to brush his teeth.

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