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Well hello my little darlings,

How have you all been, eh?

I was offline for a few days because my original dial-up modem got pissed off and jealous and refused to work for me anymore after I installed an ethernet card. The DSL guy is going to come by today to split the phone line away form this weird system I have here, and bring it direct to my computer. I'm just praying it'll work. Nothing is ever easy for me when it comes to computers.

I'm still battling this weird flu cold thing. It sucks. I'm so mad at it. I'm doing everything I can to kill the little fucker but it just won't leave. It's got me in it's tenacious grip and won't let go. I'm battling it with super micro clustered oxygen water, mega doses of all kinds of vitamins, even extra immune boosting supplements like olive leaf and elderberry. I'm taking all the pills the Western docs have prescribed. I'm shooting salt spray up my nose. I'm going to bed early, eating fairly well, hmmm, maybe that's it. Okay I've found another angle of attack, going to get more fruits and veggies. I did have Italian vegetable soup for a couple of days, can't remember the name. I'm so sick of being sick that I'm starting to get paranoid again and am thinking it has something to do with the contrails that Art Bell is always talking about.

Yesterday evening we went to the beach. It was so beautiful. The sun was setting and the sky was this pretty light pink and blue color and the water was foamy and silver. I had fun standing at the edge of the water with my dress hiked up to my waist, feeling the soft salty foam. I love the sound of the ocean so much.

Beau and Noemi spent at least an hour picking up heavy rocks and building a kind of bluff fortress. It was really pretty. It was fun watching them do this creative task that had nothing to do with anything really, other than their imagination and the act of doing it. I thought about how lucky we are to live here and how sad it is that although I live this close to the ocean, I hardly ever go see it. My friend Susan has a nice little house right near where we were. I thought about visiting her but when we left it was pretty late, around nine o'clock and it seemed kind of rude to just show up all salty and covered in sand. She probably wouldn't have minded, but I was tired as well, and this was one of my first real outings since getting sick about ten days ago.
The part I liked best about being there was just laying on the sand and watching the waves and the sky and my little boy having fun playing. I'm so glad we went.

I have so many stories to tell you, so many things have happened, but as usual I have to rush off to the bathroom.


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