Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Wouldn't it be fun to own one of Elvis' guitars?

Okay well, I'm finally going to go make myself get some sleep. I'm so happy that it's the weekend, yeay, weekend, weekend. I ahven;t been to a garage sale in so long. I used to get up really early on Saturdays and get really obsessed with the chase and the hunt and the fun of it. I kind of miss it but I need the sleep much more.

The butterflies are out, I love them so much. We didn't raise any this year. It can be pretty stressful though, worrying about making sure the caterpillars have all the right type of leaves they like and then watching their cocoons and wonderng if their wings will come out all right and have enough room and not get messed up when they're wet and first open. I ahve the sweetest picture of Beau holding a butterfly he had raised from a caterpillar and it was so happy and docile to be sitting on hiss hand, then it flew away, so bittersweet.

Speaking of flying away...

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