Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Damn, I did it again. I wrote another one of my big ol' posts and the machine ate it.

Tony Collette is dancing and looks really great but I can't tell if the music is weird and discordant or it's her voice. I'm really impressed with her body language. I have loved Mandy Patinkin forever. I saw him in Evita with Patty Lupone here in Los Angeles. Eartha Kitt? This is strange. Good for her for having such amazing energy and stamina. If I have a tenth of that at her age I will be so proud of myself. I love Cherry Jones. I had heard how wonderful she was but then I saw her in Tim's movie and fell in love with her. I never even saw The Heiress.

Is there anything that Scott Rudin isn't involved with? He used to be a kind of errand boy for my friend not so very long ago.

Okay let's see, I was whining about acting and telling you how much it means to me and how confused I am about not having worked in a while.
I was wondering if it's the energy it takes, or the competitive nature of the business? If I'm just so vibrant with feeling I can't take the crap you sometimes have to put up with? All I know is I miss it so much, but I worry i don't ahve the stamina. Energy and fear seem to be my biggest stumbling blocks these days.

Thanks so much BTRIPP for your kindness and generosity ; ) I'm doing one thing every day that scares me. I like brave people, I don't respect people who are cowardly and weak. I know that isn't fair but it's how I feel. I want to be braver, fiercer. I guess that's why I love Angelina Jolie.

I took the Un-Intelligence test and got an 88% but perfectionist that I am, I kept backing up and trying to edge it up closer to 100% All I managed to achhieve was to lower it. I don't know, the bear, partner cheating, bum in the park, shape selection, and mafia ones confused me a bit.

Did anyone catch the Rosie/Nathan in joke? They switched roles and when it was rosies turn she said how's my beard doing and I think he said something like just fine thank you. Woah look at Sharon Lawrence. She always looks fabulous but I don't know, she seems like she never stops performing, her energy seems so forced and I've heard things. I'm such a mean cat sometimes, it isn't fair, meow. It's just that I respond to certain energy things in people and then I formulate these goddamned opinions that aren't worth the 0's and 1's they're written with.

I need to learn how to insert a link in html, it can't be that hard, I've been doing pretty good with the pics thanks to your kindness.

Been getting some interesting mail regarding my imajerk site. So far it's been fun. Guess I'll exorcise the demons till I'm exhausted but ideally I'll make my way to wholeness and forgiveness who knows how long that'll take. I just hope it makes people laugh. I can't tell if anyone liked the driving rules post because no one said anything about it. Who cares, sheesh, it made me laugh.

okay I go now.

Love you guys,

Oh and the next big step for me is to find a pal who will put this into one of the url's I've registered and help me maintain it. The one big deal for me thogh is that they will be willing to share design credit and have a really similar design sense to mine. I wonder what that would cost me? Eventually I'd like to get to the point where I could maintain it on my own. I ahve three live cams sitting here and a house full fo funny looking cats so there oughtta be something I could do. I'd also like to point a cam at my birdbath in my garden.

I wont bother to try to spell check this because I dont want to lose it. I wonder how my friend Tracy is.

Oh and I'm mad at the pharmacy because they messed wiht my medication and now I have a headache trying to get it all straightened out.

Love you guys,


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