Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I want this little chalkware dolly but there's no way that I can afford it. Oh well, it's just a thing. I just love Esther Hunt things and this looks a little bit like her work. I don't think it is though.

This one is real though. I wonder that someone doesn't think of way to start making forgeries of these, it wouldn't be that hard and they'd make a killing on Ebay. This little head might go as high as five or six hundred.

Well, we're off to see Tom Green. I can't believe the reviews, "All thumbs down!" "Zero Stars!" "Give Freddy the Finger." It's so hostile and mean it makes me want to see it. The weird part is that I'm a major animal loving pro-baby-having kind of gal, I don't know how I'll handle watching Tom Green slit open a deer carcass and chew off an umbilical cord and swing a newborn baby around the room. The EW review was particularly mean spirited and I do mean mean!

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