Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I am so in love with this possum site I found today. I wish I could link some of her unbelievably beautiful pictures here but I want toi get permission first. I love possums. People can be so stupid about them. They're so gentle and they aren't fierce, it's just their self protective instint that makes them show their teeth and drool like that when they're scared. I so want to kiss one right now.

Well, here's the website, it's so sweet, please go, there are some pretty little pictures. Possum Rescue and Photo Home Page

Tonight is Beau's open house, I'm going to go with Noemi, I wonder if scott would want to go, he probably won't be off work by then. The kids will be showing off their science projects. I have to remember to take my camera so I can take come pictures. I love being a Mother so much. I wish I had three but I guess this is all that God has planned for me right now. I doubt I could handle any more with all the cats and the rest of the gang anyway.

We just finished cleaning the ferret's cage and the ratties and the chinchilla. Tonight I have to drop of the new doggie to be spayed tomorrow. I can't stand the idea that she's a little bit pregnant. It makes me feellike a shitty evil puppy killer. The vet said she'll X-ray her and if she can see any kind of skeleton then she won't do it, so that makes me feel a little bit better. we have two pregnant cats too. I just never have the money to get everyone fixed when I should. I waste my money buying erotic postcards and squeaky cats on ebay, I have to get a handle on my ridiculous behavior around money, argh.

Oprah has Dr. Phil on today. he's talking about the importance of sex in marriage. He's picking on men right now for not romancing their women and giving them enough foreplay. Right on Dr. Phil. I'm going to hunt aorund and see if I can find a picture of a possum to put up. No matter what I find though, there's no way they'll be as pretty as the pictures on this site. I've never seen such lovely pictures of possums.

Oh shoot, I forgot to post this today, darn, I never found a picture of a possum, shoot, ack.

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