Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I took pictures at Beau's open house at his school tonight.

This is his teacher Miss Koretz, she has been so great. This has been his favorite year at school so far.

This is the cover of Beau's book about his family. It was so sweet I took some pictures of it to share with you. Scott helped me, he was so sweet to come with me. I love my Scotty : )

I noticed that Beau didn't use his last name Carrillo. He didn't put his father in the picture and put my boyfriend Scott instead, that makes perfect sense, but it seems so sad to me. I think I remember that he was mad at Robby when he made this. Poor little guy : ( So sad.

His dad is supposed to take him out every Thursday, he just called to say he can't see him this Thursday because he has to go direct a fencing tournament in Reno. Fencing has always come first in his life. Fencing, then women, then drinking. It was one thing that I chose to suffer because of that for so many years, but it's just so sad to see it affecting my son.

Here's Beau in green.

That hard to understand word there is mozzarella. He loves mozarella and string cheese. He's not that much into Brittney Spears any more. He was a huge fan last year. I think she needs a style makeunder, you know? She has to pull a Madonna/Demi Moore hair cut/color/style change deal to keep people interested. Otherwise the overexposure is going to wipe her out.

This is Beau's picture of me. I'm so flattered. I love that he put a heart on me. I think that indicates that he feels loved by me.
Blue is his favorite color too, so it's pretty nice that he made my picture all in blue, sigh, I so love my little guy : )

I think the text speaks for itself. He also made a picture of Scott and talked about him and his beloved cat Chippy. That's it for his family, Beau, Scott, Chippy and Me. I guess we know where Robby, and his family, my Mother and Father, and all of the rest of the cats, his mouse, the ferrets, his leopard geckos, the fish, the bunnies, the rats and the dogs stand ; )

Why do I always do these so late at night? I am sooo tired, weeeeee.

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