Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh I'm so bummed, I wanted this photo, darn it, I guess it wasn't meant to be mine. Jake is at the door honking, must be that time. I'm willing to bet you've never heard a cat meow like this. I wonder what sound he thinks he's trying to make, it must be what he thinks human speech sounds like. I know cats can learn to imitate our speech, I used to have a cat, Jade, who I sometimes think is Jake reincarnated or actually it's the other way around, anyway my kitty Jade learned to say ham because I would sit on the floor in front of the refrigerator with a package of ham and say it over and over, if he meowed he got a piece, and then little by little he became able to say ham without the h. I guess this isn't the best story for a vegetarian to be telling, but he wasn't a vegetarian, he just liked salty meat.

Zzzzzzzz. I'm excited about package gang. I just finally completed my survey, sent it in, and posted my copy on the journal. I'm also really interested in Art Bell and Richard Hoaglan's take on what could be happening in the Antarctic at Lake Vostok (sp?) ice core samples, radiation sickness, Atlantis and Hitler? What are our scientists doing down there and why do they need guarding? Very curious and sleepy. Money must be coming soon, I think I can feel it, all crispy and green.

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