Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh my god I'm so excited

Jacqui is feelingThe current mood of cdelalune@aol.com at www.imood.combecause she has to go pee and doesn't feel so well. Maybe she just needs sleep, but it could also be because her neck muscles are super tense and she needs a massage or it could be because the pharmacists messed up her medication and were highly defended about it even though she could sue the pants off them.

Where did that expression come from? Hmmm, maybe I should change it to, sue the underwear off them.

Okay well this seems a little differnet than stephanies because her little smileys are cuter looking and their faces change. Anyone know how to get those? Also I'd like to figure out how to change the background color and I'm so lame that even though someone was kind enbough to send me a list of html colors, I lost it. Maybe I should change my mood to chagrined.

Love you guys

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