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Oooh go see this really wonderful literary site. Web Del Sol

We have tickets to see the Dalai Lama speak here in LA on May 26th. I'm really looking forward to it. I'd like to take Beau but I'm worried he wouldn't understand and might get bored and then make things hard for other people. I stumbled across this beautiful and truly moving project today and want to share it with you, but I want to get permission first. It's a poetry writing project by Barbara Hurd, where she worked with Tibetan refugee children and helped them write poetry. Their poems were so moving I was just sitting here crying.

Well, that's about it for now. I've got bills to pay and errands to run, yech, oh and I just got my new package buddy and I'm so excited. You should look into joining the package buddy community here on Live Journal. I can't wait to put together little surprise luxury packages for my buddies, I already bought a cookbook and some very specific somethings that MagicWoman collects.

My sweet little Lucilla, who we call Cilla-Cilla (chilla-chilla) is here in my office with me. She snuck in and I didn't have the heart to toss her out of my one cat free zone. She cuddled on my lap for a while and did the paw paw thing on my face. She's so delicate and lovely, all bones and big blue eyes, with her curly coat that looks like a Marcel wave from the 1920s. I'd like to share a picture of her with you but she's so young and full of energy, it's hard to get her to keep still, for the second it takes to release the shutter. Right now she's bothering my chinchilla, and just a second ago she was visiting with the ferrets. They might have bitten her if it weren't for the fact that they're preoccupied with their new paper bag toy.

Here's Noemi trying to hold Lucilla for me, so I could get a shot of her face. It looks like she's twisting her arm but really Cilla just wriggled that way the second I snapped the pic. One of these days I'll get a shot for you.

Here's the back of their heads, I swear, I tried and tried, this was the best I could do, heh.

Beau got into a fight at school yesterday with another boy. Something about lining up and climbing on some equipment. If I have to be Solomon I'd guess that Beau was being bossy and was upset when he encountered resistance from another boy who didn't; want to come down, then another boy pushed the boy on top off of the equipment, Beau joined in somehow and a chaos of boys ensued. The kid who was pulled down, feeling unjustifiably ousted from his position on top, became enraged and started fighting full out. He was kicking another boy in the head and was biting Beau on his calves. Beau said he kept calling the lazy distracted after school aide for help, but by the time she got there, she couldn't; make sense out of anything and benched everybody. I reminded Beau that no matter how mad he might be at someone, he doesn't have the right to touch them without permission, or unless it's in self defense.

I have so much to go deal with and face, when all I really want to do is sit right here and talk to you. I bought a copy of "Pride and Promiscuity, the Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austin" by Arielle Eckstut and Dennis Ashton. It's pretty funny.

Okay well, catch up with you later.

Much hugging,

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