Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

What's wrong with my image links? I checked the photo listing site where I store my images, and everything seems fine there. It must be something on my end. Anyone have any idea?

BTW I imagine Brad, Insomnia et all have been updating things, so that must explain why I haven't been able to get on for a couple of days. What think you?

I am having a rip roaring period right now, it's the fourth week of my first month of birth control pills, I'm in the pink pill part of the packet and it's that time. I bled all month and thought, well, maybe I'd just have a mellow period, ummm, nu unh, nope, not likely. I haven't had cramping and bleeding like this in ages!

I went to see my brand new nutritionist today. She was cute. She looked a little bit like Tea Leoni. She had a tiny little office in Beverly Hills with a great view. I liked her. She didn't scare me like I thought she might. Anyone getting into my food and suggesting changes or control or limits gets me panicked. Well, it's no wonder, I'm so insulin resistant that there isn't any way for my body to turn the glucose into fuel for my cells and they're starving, so they keep telling me to eat. It was a good meeting, she helped me understand a lot about Policystic or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. People who have this tend to crave carbohydrates, have adult acne, are depressed, exhausted, have decreased sex drives, and gain a lot of weight. Except for the hairiness factor it sounds just like me, and Daphne on Frasier.

We spent a lot of time talking about all kinds of things related to weight and food and energy, including how scary thin Renee Zelwegger is getting, and then at the last minute we tried to cram in a food plan. Hah. I walked out feeling hungry. I went to Good Earth and bought cardboard bread and vitamins and other assorted tasteless healthy things, just missed Sydney Poitier who breezed past me, which truly sucks, because he's one of my favorite actors on the planet.

After that I ran around being dutiful and goodly and getting all of my errands done, and then when I got home all I could think about was a cinnamon roll at Dolores' so I called Scott and begged him to come take a bath with me and then take me to Dolores' and he did. Then I ate a bunch of food that I felt crappy about afterwards and then came home and took a good walk to make up for it.

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