Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Okay so the fact that I'm on the verge of seething, or more like simmering, over the way this woman at the pharmacy, who could barely speak English, treated me on the phone right now, doesn't mean that I'm a shallow, racist, judgmental, stressed-out, high-strung gal with a low anger flash point does it? Maybe it just means I'm an Angeleno, but wait, she works at a Rite Aid in Oxnard, so that isn't it. Argh, I just can't stand it when I use all of my admittedly, limited powers of concentration, and my empathy, patience, and compassion, plus my considerable communication skills and still can't make myself understood, by someone who is in a position where they should definitely be able to communicate! Arrrrrghhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaa, wooooooooo, raaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa, gggrrrrrrrr, ya ya ya ya!!!!!!!!!

What's with employers these days? What are they thinking when they hire people? "Well, I can't understand her Ralph, can you? No? Oh well, she'll take minimum wage, she isn't drooling, I guess we can work around the attitude problem. What do you say, let's give her a go! Maybe the customers will be able to make out what she's saying." I mean I kind of get it when the people who work at the fast food restaurants can barely communicate through the garbled staticy speakers, but an assistant to a pharmacist? Someone dealing with people and their medications? Nay nay nay! God I thought I was going to explode and that's just not like me. I'm usually such a mellow, people-loving kind of gal. It must be this ionospheric, auroral, pole-shifting, Art Bell, secret-government, black-ops, weather-control thing at the pole, that's affecting me. I'm kind of kidding, but then again go check out the HAARP project and come back and tell me what you think. When she said, "Okaaaaay huneee, say me you name, one mo time," it took every little bit of my meager remaining energy to remain calm, and spell out my name for what must have been the tenth time, without reaching through the phone and throttling her. I guess I'll just take a deep breath, chant The Jewel in the Lotus a couple of times, write about it here, and poof, all better.

OMG I just flipped on the TV and The Weakest Link is on. I've been wanting to see it just once and it's funny how similar the SNL parody was. Hey, did anyone see the sketch with Will Farrell and Pierce Brosnan where PB was applying for a job with WF? Was that kind of out there or what? How about how long he stabbed the guy with the triton, and umm, when he said, "Hey you black man drink my urine," or something like that. I laughed, but mostly because I was kind of shocked that it was so outrageous, but did anyone else find it kind of disturbing?

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