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I just found this link to a name generator on caitlin's page.

Jacqui Hyland from this day forward
you will also be known as MONICA BAKER

Scott Turchin from this day forward
you will also be known as JEREMY BOYD

Scott came over and read some more to me from our book. I was so happy to see him. I was glad to smell his hands and feel the fur on his arms. He looked so sexy and distinguished in his reading glasses. Why do men seem to age better than women do?

I was just remembering how much Beau liked watching Touched By an Angel last night. He's growing up, sigh, and is taking an interest in things that aren't necessarily meant for kids. It's exciting seeing him grow and change but I love him so much it's wrenching to let go. Scott said something to me about some behavior of mine fostering his dependency on me and I said, well, we're interdependent. I can't imagine a life without him. Oh shoot I forgot that I'm supposed to edit together a picture for this ad my Mother takes out in this charity supplement in The LA Times every year.

Noemi and I organized my Barbies today. I have them all on these high shelves in my room and had been thinking of putting them away in storage, but we're getting the house in order for our Mary Englebreit magazine people visit, and there's so much to do, so we just kind of started there. It was fun sitting on my bed dressing them. I felt like such a little kid and Noemi who well, not to out her, but she's kind of a tomboy kind of gal, said, "Hey this is like playing Barbies," and I thought that was so sweet.

Art Bell has a new cat, that made me so happy for some reason.

I wrote so much in my responses about my dream where I was playing with this dolphin, and how much I love the sea, and that I want to try absinthe, and so many other things that I'm kind of drained. I still have all of my e-mail and auctions to pay and my new package buddy, Veronica to contact, ack. She's so cool and creative, look at this great animation she made.

Okay, goodnight my pals,

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