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I'm upset because Beau usually goes home on the private van/bus thing in the afternoons and so often he isn't where he should be, and the bus driver has to return for him, or get out of the bus and look for him. It's gotten so embarrassing, although they have done their share of awful things, so I have a few credits in the patience bank with them. I'm worried though because when they went to pick him up today he wasn't there, then they left and came back and he still isn't there at school.

I think he went home with his friend Shayan but he shouldn't do that without asking me first, it's so inconsiderate and worrisome. I just don't understand how he could be so thoughtless, I guess it's his impulsiveness and his age. I can't even call Shayan to make sure he's there because Beau took the class roster out of my desk drawer, where he knows it's always supposed to stay. I've called a few people looking for the number and in a minute I'll go across the street to Janet's house and see if she has a roster. If that doesn't work I'll drive over to his building and hope they are listed by Shayan's last name. With all the divorces, remarriages and step families, it isn't a sure thing anymore that a child's last name will be the same as the parents, grrrr.

If I did something like this when I was little, my parents would have been furious and I would be scared to death that they would ground me for life. I'm trying to figure out what an appropriate consequence would be. The fact that Shayan's parents speak Farsi and Spanish, and English is their second language doesn't make any of this any easier. I try to talk to Shayan's father but we have a hard time communicating. Beau suddenly started going to school in the mornings with Shayan because his father offered to carpool, but he doesn't seem to need me to drive Shayan, which is really confusing to me. He doesn't want money for gas, and he isn't into my doing anything reciprocal as far as I can tell and just said, "Well all I want is for Beau to be Shayan's friend, and as long as they are happy, then I will drive." Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but that's kind of a weird carpool situation, and meanwhile Sammy, who we hired to drive Beau in the mornings, is kind of suddenly left in the dust. What happens if Beau and Shayan get into a fight? Argh, frustration.

I'll be back in a while to type up my first letter from my little sponsor child Kopila in Nepal. I want you to see it.

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